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Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report, SFR-56

Annual report on the quality of groundwater in Texas. Lists all active and inactive groundwater contamination cases in the state and their enforcement status. Includes information about how to use the report and a link and instructions for using the online, map-based Groundwater Contamination Viewer.

The Texas Groundwater Protection Committee (TGPC) provides an annual report required by the Texas Legislature describing groundwater monitoring conducted or required by each member agency or organization. The report:

  • Describes each case of groundwater contamination and associated cleanup activities documented during the previous calendar year.
  • Indicates the status of enforcement action for each case.

Current Report

User's Guide

The report is divided into five sections. The section titled Groundwater Protection Program Descriptions provides a narrative, program-specific overview for each contributing agency or organization. The section titled Groundwater Contamination Case Description Tables lists documented individual cases for the calendar year.

Using the Groundwater Contamination Viewer

An interactive, online, map-based viewer ("Viewer") of the cases lets you query contamination cases for the current year (and some previous years), obtain spatial information related to the cases, and download the associated case data. See the Viewer's User Guide for more information.

Accessing or Requesting Information

First, identify the agency, division, and file number for the case of interest in either the Groundwater Contamination Case Description tables in the report or in the associated Viewer. Note that a list of division acronyms is available. For a TCEQ case, the TCEQ Data and Records webpage provides links and information on how to access electronic records from TCEQ Records Online or obtain records through a public information request. In addition, for a case under the jurisdiction of TCEQ or any other agency, contact information (listed by division for TCEQ) can be found in Appendix F of the report.

Previous Reports

Authorizing Legislation

The TGPC was created by the 71st Texas Legislature in 1989 to coordinate state groundwater programs and optimize groundwater quality protection. The responsibilities of the TGPC are set out in Texas Water Code, Chapter 26, Title 2, Subtitle D, Subchapter J, Sections 26.401-26.408 . The requirements for the annual report are described in Section 26.406.

Contact the TGPC

For more information, please email, call 512-239-4600, or visit the TGPC website .

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