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What Is "Surface Water in the State"?

As defined in stormwater general permits and the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards.

The term "surface water in the state" is defined as follows in the stormwater general permits TXR040000Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, TXR050000Adobe Acrobat PDF Document and TXR150000 Adobe Acrobat PDF Document. (Help with PDF.)

"Surface Water in the State" — Lakes, bays, ponds, impounding reservoirs, springs, rivers, streams, creeks, estuaries, wetlands, marshes, inlets, canals, the Gulf of Mexico inside the territorial limits of the state (from the mean high water mark (MHWM) out 10.36 miles into the Gulf), and all other bodies of surface water, natural or artificial, inland or coastal, fresh or salt, navigable or non-navigable, and including the beds and banks of all water-courses and bodies of surface water, that are wholly or partially inside or bordering the state or subject to the jurisdiction of the state; except that waters in treatment systems which are authorized by state or federal law, regulation, or permit, and which are created for the purpose of waste treatment are not considered to be water in the state.