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Stormwater General Permit for Construction Activities

Stormwater permit requirements for the discharge of stormwater associated with construction activities that disturb one (1) or more acres of soil.

Renewal of the Construction General Permit (CGP) TXR150000

TCEQ has renewed the TPDES Construction General Permit (CGP), TXR150000 which has been issued with an effective date of March 5, 2023. The renewal period for existing permittees ended on June 5, 2023. If you missed the renewal deadline, you must submit a new Notice of Intent (NOI) or Low Rainfall Erosivity Waiver (LREW) application, as applicable, using TCEQ’S online e-permitting system STEERS and be issued a new authorization number.


New site notice forms are available for permittees under the 2023 CGP which can be found on the TCEQ Forms Search by searching the applicable form number below.

  • Large Construction Site Notice for Primary Operators (TCEQ Form 20961)
  • Large Construction Site Notice for Secondary Operators (TCEQ Form 20962)
  • Small Construction Site Notice (TCEQ Form 20963)
  • Small Construction Site Notice: Low Potential for Erosion (TCEQ Form 20964)

2023 CGP TXR150000

TCEQ issued the renewal of the CGP with an effective date of March 5, 2023. Construction activities are regulated under the CGP if they discharge stormwater to any surface water in the state and disturb an acre or more of soil.

2023 CGP Documents:

Note: Historical versions of the CGP are available on the Additional Guidance and Quick Links webpage.

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Stormwater Requirements for Construction Activities

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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3)

The CGP requires construction site operators to develop and implement a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) prior to commencing construction.

A SWP3 is a document that outlines construction plans and best management practices (BMPs) to control pollutants that may be discharged in stormwater runoff. Small Business and Local Government Assistance (SBLGA) has developed templates to help you develop your SWP3.

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Waivers for Small Construction Activities

Low Potential for Erosion
You may be automatically authorized under this general permit if your construction activity occurs during periods of low potential for erosion.

Low Rainfall Erosivity Waiver
You may be eligible for this waiver if your construction activity has a low potential to wash away soil, as determined using the erosivity factor.

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Stay in Compliance

Construction Industry Compliance Assistance
Explanations of environmental rules for the construction industry.

Additional Guidance and Quick Links: Construction Activities
Links to documents associated with construction stormwater activities.

State and Federal Rules for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities
Rules in the Texas Administrative code, the Texas Water Code, and the Code of Federal Regulations affecting stormwater discharges from construction activities.

TCEQ’s Small Business and Local Government Assistance Program has developed several guidance documents for the construction community, including SWP3 worksheets, guidance document for primary and secondary operators, and frequently asked questions.

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