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Requirements for Used or Scrap Tire Storage

You must register with the TCEQ if your used or scrap tire storage site stores more than 500 used or scrap tires on the ground, or more than 2,000 in enclosed and lockable containers.


General Requirements

Your storage site is required to register, provide financial assurance for closure costs, and provide notice to the general public, if you store more than 500 used or scrap tires on the ground, or more than 2000 in enclosed and lockable containers. This is true for weight equivalents of tire pieces or any combination thereof.

Before you begin storage activities, the TCEQ must approve your registration, valid for 60 months from the date of issuance. 

Submit annual reports to the TCEQ on your site's scrap tire management activities, including the quantities of tires or tire pieces brought to or removed from the facility, and the delivery point and end-use.

To renew your registration, submit a renewal application at least 60 days before the registration expires.

How to Apply for a Scrap Tire Storage Site Registration

Forms and information to apply for a registration, or update your status or contact information:

  • Registration Application (form TCEQ-10297s) 
    Applications for storage site registration must be sealed by a registered professional engineer.
  • Core Data Form (form TCEQ-10400)
    Submit a completed Core Data Form with your registration application.
  • Tire Registration Status Update (form TCEQ-20588) 
    Submit if you are no longer operating or if your contact information has changed.
  • Financial Assurance
    The owner or operator of a facility that is subject to financial assurance must submit an originally signed financial assurance mechanism prior to issuance of a registration.

Recordkeeping and Reporting

  • Tire Manifest
    Use a manifest to track tires brought to or removed from a storage site.
  • Annual Report Forms
    Scrap tire storage sites must file an annual activity report

Tire Storage Rules

Contact the Scrap Tire Program

Please contact the Scrap Tire Program if you have questions about storing used or scrap tires.