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Colorado and Lavaca Rivers and Matagorda and Lavaca Bays Basin and Bay Area Stakeholder Committee: Members and Meetings

Members of the stakeholder committee for the Colorado and Lavaca Rivers and Matagorda and Lavaca Bays and the interest groups they represent. Meetings, agendas, attendees, presentations, and findings.

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The Colorado and Lavaca Rivers, and Matagorda and Lavaca Bays BBASC develops environmental flows recommendations for their river basin and bay system based on their associated science team’s recommendations and other factors, including present and future needs of water for other uses. The current members of this committee are:

Interest Group Member
River Authorities Patrick Brzozowski, Chair
Environmental Interests Myron Hess, Vice-Chair
Agricultural Irrigation L.G. Raun
Chemical Manufacturing Mike Rivet
Commercial Fisherman Buddy Treybig
Electricity Generation Jason Ludwig
Environmental Interests Andrew Sansom
Free-Range Livestock Patricia Jacobs
Free-Range Livestock Kathryn Mews
Groundwater Conservation Districts Ronald Gertson
Groundwater Conservation Districts Caroline Runge
Municipalities Teresa Lutes
Public Interest Groups Bill Balboa
Public Interest Groups John Gosdin
Recreational Water Users Bruce Arendale
Recreational Water Users Jami Smith Hanchey
Refining Deedy Huffman
Regional Water Planning Groups Jack Maloney
Regional Water Planning Groups Jennifer Walker
River Authorities Monica Masters
Soil and Water Conservation Districts Bob Shoemate

BBASC Meetings

Work Plan Development