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Environmental Flows Advisory Group

Created by the 80th Texas Legislature in recognition of the importance that the ecological soundness of our riverine, bay, and estuary systems and riparian lands has on the economy, health, and well-being of our state.

Reports to the Legislature:

application/pdfTexas Environmental Flows Advisory Group: Report to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House- June, 2013Exit the TCEQ

application/pdfTexas Environmental Flows Advisory Group: Report to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Speaker of the House - December 2010Exit the TCEQ

Revised Environmental Flows Timeline

See the revised timeline for the application/pdfschedule for development of recommendationsExit the TCEQ regarding environmental flow regimes and the adoption of environmental flow standards, adopted at the Environmental Flows Advisory Group hearing on Thursday, May 27, 2010.


The 80th Texas Legislature created the Environmental Flows Advisory Group (Texas Water Code, Section 11.0236)Exit the TCEQ .

This Advisory Group is composed of the following nine members:

  • Senator Joan Huffman, Co-presiding Officer
  • Representative John Kuempel, Co-presiding Officer
  • Senator Brandon Creighton
  • Senator Lois Kolkhorst
  • Representative Ernest Bailes
  • Representative Rhetta Bowers
  • Kathleen Jackson, Texas Water Development Board
  • Commissioner Richard "Dick" Scott, Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
  • Commissioner Emily Lindley, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality


The Environmental Flows Advisory Group will conduct public hearings and study public policy implications for balancing the demands on the water resources of the state resulting from a growing population and the requirements of the riverine, bay, and estuary systems. In the course of their study, this Advisory Group will look at items including granting permits for instream flows dedicated to environmental needs or bay and estuary inflows, use of the Texas Water Trust, and any other issues that the advisory group determines have importance and relevance to the protection of environmental flows.

Questions about the Advisory Group?

For more information on the stakeholder committee or expert science team, please contact the Water Availability Division at (512) 239-4600, or e-mail us at