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Benefits of TCEQ Brownfields Site Assessment Program

The Brownfields program helps to facilitate the clean-up and redevelopment of contaminated properties to revitalize communities.

Many former industrial properties lie dormant or underutilized due to the liability associated with real or perceived contamination. The TCEQ can assess and help redevelop these brownfield sites at no cost to eligible parties.

Applicants to the program have included municipalities, school districts, and non-profit organizations. Redevelopment plans have included a Boys and Girls Club, low income housing, a homeless shelter, mixed use residential/retail/transportation centers, fire stations, a municipal water tower, and park land.

Brownfields Site Assessment Services

  • Environmental site assessments (phase I and II) for real-estate transactions
  • Small-scale site investigations
  • Data gap identification and sampling
  • Technical oversight for brownfields projects with Subtitle A grants from the Environmental Protection Agency

The TCEQ will assess eligible sites and accept applications as long as resources are available. To increase the chances of your project being funded, apply soon. For more information on funding availability and site assessments please contact the Brownfields Site Assessment Program.

Technical Assistance to Local Governments for Brownfields Redevelopment

The TCEQ offers technical advice and education, through its relationship with the EPA, for some brownfields redevelopment projects where local government is supporting or playing a key role. This includes partnering with stakeholders and other state agencies.

Special Targeted Site Assessment Assistance to Cities

EPA (Region 6) also assists local governments and nonprofits with site assessments and technical services using existing federal Superfund assessment and investigation funds. Visit EPA Region 6 Brownfields Program

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