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Brownfields Site Assessments Program

Many former industrial properties lie dormant or underutilized due to the liability associated with real or perceived contamination. The Brownfields program supports communities by assessing and assisting with the redevelopment and revitalization of these properties, broadly referred to as Brownfields.
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Benefits of Cleaning up a Site through the Brownfields Site Assessment Program
Learn how your site and community can benefit from the Brownfields Program, along with tools and technical and financial assistance.

Eligibility and Application Process
Eligibility requirements and forms needed for the Brownfields Program such as the application and access agreement, rules, statutes, and guidance.

See What the Brownfields Site Assessment Program Can Do for You!
Examples of successful redevelopment and revitalization of sites and communities.

Featured Events and Education
Upcoming workshops, outreach events, and related educational opportunities.

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Featured Story Maps and Publications

Story maps and publications highlighting the Brownfields Program and success stories.

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Contact Information

TCEQ Brownfields Site Assessment Program: email brnflds@tceq.texas.gov or phone 1-833-436-3271.

EPA Region 6 Brownfields Project Officer Mary Kemp: email kemp.mary@epa.gov or phone 214-665-8358.