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Ready for Reuse

Description of EPA's Ready for Reuse Program

The Ready for Reuse (RfR) designation encourages environmental cleanups that promote economic growth by enhancing redevelopment opportunities. This voluntary regulatory determination recognizes when a property has been characterized and remediated to the extent that it is protective for redevelopment based on current or planned land use. The IHW Corrective Action Program began implementing this measure of remedial achievement in May 2003.

The RfR determination is intended to supplement and be consistent with other state actions. For many facilities or parcels thereof, the RfR determination may occur when sites have achieved final cleanup. However, RfR can also occur when the remedy standard is not yet achieved but the property has been addressed such that the conditions are protective based on the reuse scenario.

Getting an RfR Determination

The RfR determination is available to all parties that notify the IHW Corrective Action Program and meet the eligibility criteria found in the RfR Guidance. Many types of facilities may be eligible for RfR, including facilities with petroleum storage tanks and those subject to a hazardous waste permit, compliance plan, order, or other formal or informal enforcement mechanism.

In conjunction with the RfR determination, an RfR Certificate is issued.

For more information, see the RfR Guidance. You can also email Be sure to mention "Ready for Reuse" in the subject line of your email.