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Industrial and Hazardous Waste Cleanups

Cleanup of sites where soil, groundwater, or both have become contaminated from industrial hazardous waste, municipal hazardous waste, or industrial nonhazardous waste.

Topics Under this Category

IHW Cleanup & Closure Contacts
Contacts for IHW Corrective Action and Closures, Compliance Plans, and Spill Cleanups; Instructions for submitting documents.
IHW Unit Closures
Describes requirements for taking waste management units out of service at industrial and hazardous waste facilities.
Industrial and Hazardous Waste Corrective Action Program
Overview of this program, which administers the cleanup of sites contaminated from industrial and municipal hazardous and industrial nonhazardous wastes.
Rules for Spill Cleanups
Information on cleanup levels and requirements for spills.
Search for IHW Corrective Action Facilities
Search Central Registry for facilities in the IHW Corrective Action Program