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Dry Cleaning Remediation Fund: Am I Eligible?

State law established a remediation fund to assist with remediation of contamination caused by dry cleaning solvents.

State law established new environmental standards for dry cleaners, registration of dry cleaners, and a remediation fund to assist with remediation of contamination caused by dry cleaning solvents. There is a advisory group that assists in the development of the rules.

Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to use this fund for corrective action at a dry cleaning facility in Texas if you meet any one of these conditions:

  • You own the dry cleaning facility or drop station;
  • You own the property on which the facility or drop station is (or was) located;
  • You previously owned property on which a dry cleaner facility or drop stations was located and you have entered into an agreement with the current owner that requires you to be responsible for any costs associated with the cleanup of contamination associated with the dry cleaner facility or drop station.

Application Form

To apply for funding under the DCRP, complete the DCRP Ranking Application form (Help with PDF).

Ranking and Prioritizing Dry Cleaner Remediation Program (DCRP) Sites

The DCRP cannot begin Corrective Action at a site, with the exception of emergency action, until the site/application has been both Ranked and Prioritized. Site Ranking, which is described in Dry Cleaner Environmental Response Rule 30TAC337.31(a), is a measure of a sites potential impact to human health or the environment. Site Prioritization, described in 30TAC337.30, is based in part on the Site Ranking but also takes into account non-risk factors, which promote effective use of the DCRP Fund. Section 30TAC337.30(b) of the rule describes the factors which can be used to determine Site Priority. The Prioritization list is updated periodically.

Additional Information

For additional information you may join the Dry Cleaner Listserv in Remediation. The purpose of this Listserv is to notify users of upcoming meetings, new information about the program, and updates to the TCEQ web site regarding the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program. For answers to other questions, call our DCRP Hot Line at (512) 239-1011.