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Dry Cleaner Remediation Program Advisory Committee

The Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee advises the TCEQ on implementing the new Dry Cleaner Environmental Remediation Program

About This Advisory Group

The Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee advises the TCEQ on implementing the Dry Cleaner Environmental Remediation Program. This committee has been appointed in accordance with House Bill 1366 , 78th Texas Legislature (Regular Session), 2003 which created Chapter 374 of the Texas Health and Safety Code (THSC).

Participating in This Advisory Group

In accordance with Chapter 374.004 of the THSC, the advisory committee is to be composed of three industry representatives and two public representatives—one rural and one urban.

The current members of the Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee are:

Name City Representing
Ms. Vicky Maisel San Antonio Dry cleaning Industry
Allan Cripe Temple Dry cleaning Industry
Ms. Shirley French Reichstadt Dallas Dry cleaning Industry
Dr. Charles Riggs Denton The urban public
Ms. Carolyn Gibson-Baros El Campo The rural public

Upcoming Meetings

The next TCEQ meeting with the Dry Cleaner Advisory Committee is TBD. Should you have questions regarding the meeting, please contact the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program Manager, Chris Moore, at

Agenda and Minutes from Past Meetings

The files linked below are in portable document format (PDF)(Help with PDF Files.):

Date Agenda Presentation
Nov 4, 2016 Agenda
Nov 2016
Jan 5, 2018
Nov 2, 2018 Agenda
Jan 3, 2020
Nov 6, 2020 Agenda
Jan 7, 2021
Dec 1, 2022 Agenda
Dec 1, 2023

Staff Contact

For more information or to suggest topics for meetings, call our Dry Cleaner Hot Line, 512-239-1011. You may also e-mail your question or comment to

For information or questions about Registered Dry Cleaning Facilities or Drop Stations, please contact the Dry Cleaner Registration Team at (512) 239-2160.

For additional information you may join the Dry Cleaner Listserv in Remediation. The purpose of this Listserv is to notify users of upcoming meetings, new information about the program, and updates to the TCEQ web site regarding the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program.