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Useful Links for Developing Ecological Risk Assessments

Links to pages on this and other sites that have useful information for developing ecological risk assessments.

Useful Links for Developing Ecological Risk Assessments

About These Links

These online resources are meant to be a service to persons preparing ecological risk assessments for submittal to the agency. As you use these resources, keep these points in mind:

  • Most of these links exit our website.
  • This list is not an endorsement of the information contained on the site.
  • These links are sources of useful information; however, the information may not be directly applicable to the preparation of ERAs for submittal to the TCEQ. The primary source of information pertinent to ecological risk assessments submitted to TCEQ is available on our TCEQ Ecological Risk Assessment Program Webpage.
  • Some of these sites contain more generalized information and so might include both ecological-and human health–related information.
  • We will strive to update these links periodically. Please let us know if a link is broken or if you want to recommend an addition to the list. (

TCEQ Documents and Rules

Ecological Guidance

U.S. EPA (other than above)



Surface Water




Amphibians and Reptiles


Threatened and Endangered Species

Toxicological Profiles and Chemical Information


Defense Site–Related Research/Munitions

Chemical Names and CAS Numbers


General Sites

Publication Sites

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