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Hayes-Sammons Warehouse

This former commercial-grade pesticide storage facility in Mission, Hidalgo County, has been remediated under the state Superfund program. No further Superfund environmental response actions are required, and the site is now pending deletion from the Superfund registry.

Site Summary

The Hayes-Sammons Warehouse site is located at Miller Avenue and East Eighth Street, in downtown Mission. From 1945 to 1968, the Hayes-Sammons Chemical Company stored commercial-grade pesticides in two warehouse buildings on property leased by Union Pacific Railroad. Contaminants were released from the contents of the warehouse buildings into the soil.

Superfund Registry and Investigation

In 1986, the TCEQ proposed the site to the Superfund registry, and it was listed in 1987. The TCEQ conducted the remedial investigation from January 1988 to March 1996.

Remedial Action

In July 1997, the TCEQ issued an administrative order (AO) which selected the remedial action for the site and ordered responsible parties to perform the remedial action. The selected remedial action included excavation and off-site disposal of approximately 1,700 cubic yards of contaminated soil and demolition and off-site disposal of the warehouse buildings on the site. The responsible parties completed the remedial action from February 1998 to October 1998.

Current Status

Cleanup is complete and the site is now pending deletion from the Superfund registry.

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