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Houston Scrap

This former lead-acid battery recycling facility in Houston, Harris County, is currently in the operation and maintenance phase of the state Superfund program. The site has been deleted from the state Superfund registry.

Site Summary

The Houston Scrap site is located at 3799 Jensen Drive, just south of Interstate 610 and west of U.S. 69 in Houston. The approximately 20-acre site was previously a rendering facility until approximately 1976, when aluminum and lead-acid batteries recycling began along with various other scrap metal recovery activities. As part of the response action, TCEQ removed 7,500 cubic yards of scrap metal, used battery casings, used 55-gallon drums, household garbage, and 1,000 discarded truck and car tires. The businesses’ operations resulted in soil contamination from lead and other metals, as well as sulfuric acid.

Superfund Registry and Investigation

The TCEQ proposed the site to the state Superfund registry in 1987, and it was listed in 1988. From August 1994 to May 1997, the TCEQ performed a remedial investigation and feasibility study at the site.

Remedial Action

In December 1997, the TCEQ issued an administrative order which selected the remedial action. The selected remedial action specified a commercial/industrial land use and included excavation and consolidation of contaminated soils in a specially designed closed containment cell.
The TCEQ completed the remedial action from May 1998 to August 1999. The site was deleted from the state Superfund registry in May 2000.

Current Status

Cleanup is complete. The site is in the operation and maintenance phase which requires periodic groundwater sampling to monitor the groundwater for any impacts by the containment cell and maintenance inspections of the integrity of the containment cell and cap and the surrounding fence.

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