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Jensen Drive Scrap

This Former Scrap Salvage Facility in Houston, Harris County, is in the Operation and Maintenance Phase.

Site History

The Jensen Drive Scrap site is located at 3603 Jensen Drive, within the city limits of Houston. The site is an inactive scrap salvage facility and occupies 3.8 acres within a small industrial area that is bordered by a residential area. For a period of time during the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, the operation reclaimed copper and iron from electrical transformers.

Superfund Registry and Investigation

The TCEQ proposed the site to the Superfund registry in September 1990.  The remedial investigation and feasibility study was conducted from December 1994 to April 1997.

Remedial Action

In February 1998, the TCEQ issued an administrative order which selected the remedial action for the site and specified a commercial/industrial land use. In October 2000, the TCEQ issued a Supplemental Administrative Order which amended the remedial action to require excavation and consolidation of contaminated soils in a specially-designed closed containment cell and cap. The TCEQ conducted the remedial action from December 2000 to November 2001.

In 2009, the District Court of Travis County approved a final judgment between TCEQ and some responsible parties, whereby the responsible parties would assume and continue the remaining activities for the operation and maintenance phase of the site.

Current Status

The site is in the operation and maintenance phase. Responsible parties continue to maintain the site and monitor the cell and surrounding area to prevent further contamination.

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