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McBay Oil and Gas

This former oil refinery and oil reclamation plant site near Grapeland, in Houston County, is in the remedy selection phase of the state Superfund program.

Site Summary

The McBay Oil and Gas state Superfund site is located on a 20.32-acre tract on Farm to Market (FM) Road 1272, two miles west of the intersection with FM 2968 (North Olive Street), near Grapeland, Texas, in Houston County. The site was used from the 1930s to 1987 for various operations including a crude oil refinery, a gas recycling plant, an oil field parts storage yard, and an oil reclamation plant. Wastes generated from operations at the site included petroleum refining wastes, waste oils, barge bottoms, tank bottoms, and fluids containing salts, de-emulsifiers, polymers, and surfactants.

Superfund Registry

The site was proposed for listing on the state Superfund registry in the Texas Register July 25, 1986 issue (11 TexReg 3421) and listed on the state Superfund registry in the Texas Register January 16, 1987 issue (12 TexReg 205).

Pursuant to a May 1990 Agreed Order with a predecessor of the TCEQ, a retention basin was constructed and land treatment of oily soils was conducted at the site, which included the construction of a land treatment unit and treatment of 3,717 cubic yards of excavated waste. In the late 1990s, a group of 21 Potentially Responsible Parties conducted removal actions which included removal and off-site disposal of exploration and production waste sludges and fluids from 187 drums, 34 tanks, and 1,000 feet of aboveground piping located at the site. Impacted soils to a depth of 6 to 8 inches and 162 of cubic yards of soil were removed in the vicinity of an on-site storage tank area. Removal actions were completed in October 1998.

Current Status

The TCEQ completed the remedial investigation phase by finalizing the Affected Property Assessment Report in January 2020. In Feburary 2020, the TCEQ completed a Focused Feasibility Study, which evaluated remedial action alternatives for the site. Also, in February 2020, the TCEQ prepared a Proposed Remedial Action Document, which presents the proposed remedial action alternative (remedy) and describes the evaluation process that was used to select the proposed remedy.

The TCEQ scheduled a public meeting for April 9, 2020, in Grapeland, Houston County, Texas, concerning the proposed remedial action for the site. Notice of the public meeting was published in the Grapeland Messenger and the Houston County Courier on March 5, 2020. Notice was also published in the Texas Register March 6, 2020 issue (45 TexReg 1736).

The TCEQ cancelled the April 9, 2020 public meeting concerning the proposed remedy for the McBay Oil and Gas state Superfund site (the site). Notices will be published in the Grapeland Messenger, the Houston County Courier, and the Texas Register, to inform the public about the meeting cancellation.

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