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How to Request Tier 1 PCLs

Provides information on how to request TRRP Tier 1 PCLs for chemicals of concern.

If your COCs are not listed in the Tier 1 PCL tables, use the following procedures to obtain Tier 1 PCLs when there has been a release at a facility in Texas that is subject to the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) rule. Before requesting PCLs, work with your TCEQ project manager to determine target COCs for your site, and whether PCLs are necessary for the COCs of interest.

  1. First, check the Tier 1 PCL Tables for your COC by searching on the CAS number.
  2. If your COC is not listed in the Tier 1 tables, e-mail your request to Technical Support with the following information:
  • Each compound's name and common synonyms;
  • Each compound's Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) registry number;
  • The melting point (range) of each compound, including the literature/Internet reference used;
  • For metals, the anticipated speciation of the metal;
  • The name, address, and if known, the regulatory ID number of the facility;
  • The type of facility, operation, or process to which the chemical requested is related,
  • The TCEQ project manager to whom, or the TCEQ program under which the data will be submitted, and
  • The reason for requesting the PCLs, including whether the COC was detected at the site and whether the COC is considered a target COC.

If you cannot find any of these data, please include a list of literature and internet references exhausted by your research.

If you cannot send an e-mail, mail a letter with the above-referenced information to:

Remediation Division, MC-133
Division Support Section
Technical Program Support Team
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

You will receive an e-mail or a letter in reply with the information requested. Please be sure to keep a copy of the reply for your records and for later inclusion in reports submitted to the agency.