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TRRP Protective Concentration Levels

Provides information on cleanup standards for the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP).

The TRRP Tier 1 protective concentration levels (PCLs) are the default cleanup standards in the Texas Risk Reduction Program.

Current Tier 1 PCL Tables

May 2023 Tier 1 Soil and Groundwater PCL tables Print only version in PDF)

August 2023 Tier 1 Sediment PCL Tables

Human Health and Aquatic Life Surface Water RBELs

Note that the surface water benchmark table is one of several tabs in an excel file that presents the ecological benchmarks. The surface water benchmark table is equivalent to, and replaces, the aquatic life surface water RBELs table.

TPH Spreadsheets

Use these spreadsheets to assist in the calculation of TPH PCLs. The groundwater TPH calculator spreadsheet was updated in December 2016. The soil TPH calculator was update in February 2020.

Tier 2 PCL Equations

A person has the option of using Tier 2 PCLs. These PCLs are calculated using site-specific inputs in the Tier 2 equations.

Older PCL Tables

Download these files if you still need previous versions of the Tier 1 PCL tables.

Additional Guidance

Refer to this November 21, 2002 memo for information on implementing the revised arsenic MCL.

See this document for COCs for which Calculation of a Human Health PCL is not Required (revised March 30, 2007).

If your COC is not listed in the Tier 1 PCL table, you may obtain COC chemical and physical properties information by following the procedure on the How to Request Tier 1 PCLs, Chemical/Physical Properties, and Toxicity Values for COCs page.

As part of the TRRP rule, the agency developed state-wide background concentrations for metals. You may use these values in place of site-specific background concentrations. The Texas Specific Median Background concentrations are found in the TRRP rule at §350.51(m), and are available here for your convenience.

Refer to this guidance on Chromium.

Use of Software Programs for TRRP

Read this information on using software for TRRP.