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Regional Certification for Water and Wastewater Service Providers

Information on current entities approved as regional water and wastewater service providers and how to apply for TCEQ certification.

Who are the current regional service providers?

The Current Regional Service Providers list shows those approved under TCEQ Resolution 2015-1163-RES (approved 9-15-2015). For a list of regional service providers approved prior to the 2015 resolution, under TCEQ Resolution 2002-0510-RES, see the Regional Provider List Under Resolution 2002-0510-RES.

Why should I apply for regional certification?

You could be eligible for tax exemption on equipment, services, or supplies used solely to construct or operate a water or wastewater system or component of a system sponsored by a TCEQ certified regional provider per Texas Tax Code, Section 151.355(5) .

Who can apply for regional certification?

TCEQ uses any of the following criteria to determine whether a water or wastewater provider is a regional provider:

  1. one owner and one large system serves several different communities or subdivisions
  2. one owner and several isolated systems each provide service to one or more communities or subdivisions
  3. several owners, each with individual systems operated through a centrally coordinated operating system
  4. several owners, each with an isolated system, all served by a central wholesale provider

What information must I provide?

A written request letter is required when applying for regional service provider certification. In the subject line of your letter, include the name of the entity seeking regional certification and “Request for Regional Provider Certification”. In the body of the letter indicate that the entity is applying “for certification by TCEQ as a provider of regional water services under Texas Tax Code, Section 151.355(5).” Also include all of the following:

  • Which of the 4 criteria listed above (TCEQ Resolution 2015-1163-RES) the entity meets and justification for meeting the criteria.
  • Public Utility Commission (PUC) Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN) numbers for both water and sewer associated with the entity requesting approval.
  • Public Water System (PWS) IDs associated with the entity.
  • Information relating to the number of connections and the communities/businesses and/or public water systems that are being served by the system along with the county and general location of the system(s).
  • A boundary or service area map.
  • Secretary of State Tax ID or Filing Number.
  • Information on who to contact with questions.

Important! If the request for regional certification is to be submitted to TCEQ by an engineering/operating company on behalf of the utility, the utility must provide documentation and the request must be signed by a utility official.

Where should I send my request?

Submit your request electronically to

Important! If you need to submit several requests, to ensure that we can meet the 90-day required timeframe with sufficient time to process each submittal, please provide advance notification.

Is there a cost associated with the certification or requests?

There is no review or processing fee associated with regional provider certification requests.