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Environmental Issues in the U.S.-Mexico Border Area

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Temas Ambientales en la Region Fronteriza Mexico-Estados Unidos Page
Border 2020's Amistad Task Force Page
Environmental Issues in the Texas Portion of the U.S.-Mexico Border Area Page
The TCEQ and Colonias Page
Identification and Testing of Emission-Reducing Technologies for Drayage Trucks Page
Border 2020's Falcon Task Force Page
Good Neighbor Environmental Board Page
Border 2020's Gulf Task Force Page
Electrical Micro-Grid in Colonia Using Renewable Energy Page
TCEQ’s 'Special Projects' Funded by EPA Page
Border Affairs -- Contact Us if You Have Questions Page
Border 2012: Local Success Stories in the Four-State Region from 2007 through 2009 Page
Purchase and Installation of New AutoGC Air Monitor in El Paso Page
Environmental Quality along the Texas-Mexico Border Folder
Información sobre Programas de Verificación Vehicular Folder
The TCEQ’s Air Quality Programs in the Border Region Page
Air Quality Monitoring Stations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and its Partners in the Texas-Mexico Border Region Page
Rio Grande International Water Accounting - Fort Quitman, Texas Page
Municipal Recycling Programs in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas Page
Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Programs in the United States Page
Water Shortage Issue Related to the Mexican Water Deficit Page
Matching Grant Program for Energy Efficiency in Local Governments in the Border Region Page
2013 Binational Tire Management Workshop Page
Presentations at 2013 Scrap Tire Workshop in San Antonio, Texas Page
Presentaciones en el Taller de Manejo de Llantas 2013 Page
The U.S.-Mexico Border: Compilations of Success Stories, 2002-2012 Page
Waste and Recycling in Texas' Border Region Page
Air Quality in Texas' Border Region Page
Mexico's Water Debt, 2010 to 2015 Page
Memoranda of Cooperation and Strategic Environmental Plans [Memoranda de Cooperación y Planes Estratégicos Ambientales] Page
2014 Calendar of Events and Meetings in the Four-State Region of the U. S.-Mexico Border 2020 Environmental Program Page
2014 Paso del Norte Scrap Tire Workshop Event
2015 Calendar of Events and Meetings in the Four-State Region of the U. S.-Mexico Border 2020 Environmental Program Page
FileTexasChihuahuaNewMexicoSEP_1999_English.pdf File
FileTexasChihuahuaNewMexicoSEP_1999_espaol.pdf File
FileTexasCoahuilaSEP_1998_English.pdf File
FileTexasCoahuilaSEP_1998_espaol.pdf File
FileTXCoahuilaConvenio_signedMay12013.pdf File
FileTexasNuevoLenSEP_1997_English.pdf File
FileTexasNuevoLenSEP_2005_English.pdf File
FileTexasNuevoLenSEP_2005_espaol.pdf File
FileN.L.TXMOUfinal_legal.pdf File
FileTexasTamaulipas_1999_english.pdf File
FileTexasTamaulipas_1999_espanol.pdf File
FileTXTamaulipasOct2000GI271.pdf File
66th Meeting of the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) for the Improvement of Air Quality in the Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua/ El Paso, TX/ Doña County, New Mexico Air Basin Event