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Source Material Recovery and By-Product Material Disposal

Applying for a radioactive material license for uranium recovery. Applicable rules, statutes, and guidance for handling radioactive materials associated with in situ mining. Financial assurance requirements, compliance and enforcement, and methods for uranium recovery.

Topics Under this Category

Applying for a Uranium Recovery Radioactive Material License
Forms and regulatory guidance for submitting an application for an in-situ uranium recovery facility.
Financial Assurance for In Situ Uranium Facilities
Financial assurance requirements and contact information pertaining to in situ uranium recovery sites.
In Situ Leach and Conventional Uranium-Recovery Methods
Shows steps for the in situ leach-mining method to extract uranium from ore-bearing formations, including ways to protect the environment. Conventional uranium extraction methods are also discussed. Includes a link to a Bureau of Economic Geology paper entitled "Geological and Geographical Attributes of the South Texas Uranium Province."
In Situ Uranium Recovery Facility: Inspection and Enforcement of Radioactive Material License
Inspection requirements for in situ uranium recovery facilities sites. Agency enforcement requirements and procedures for the public to make a complaint.
Radioactive Material Processing and Storage
Application forms and regulatory guidance for applying for a license to process or store radioactive by-product material.
Radioactive Waste Disposal: Tailings Impoundments
List of the three conventional uranium mills or tailings impoundments in Texas, the operators, and the county where each is located. These sites are classified as disposal sites for by-product material.
Rules and Statute for Licensing for Uranium Recovery Radioactive Material
Links to rules for uranium recovery or mining operations and NORM waste disposal in Texas.