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Class III Injection Wells Regulated by the TCEQ

Process for obtaining a permit for a Class III injection well in Texas. Links to application forms and relevant rules, including those for well design and operation.

Applying for a Class III Injection Well Permit

Any person planning on filing an application for a Class III permit regulated by the TCEQ should contact the UIC staff in the Radioactive Materials Division and arrange a meeting prior to filing the application. At that meeting, in addition to the application forms, staff will provide additional information relevant to your application, including the following:

It is important that you read and understand the applicable rules.

Application to Conduct In Situ Mining of Uranium UPDATE(Revised on November 1, 2022)

Application for Production Area Authorization 

Application to Conduct In Situ Mining of Sodium Sulfate 

Other Related Mining Documents:

Uranium Area Permit Development Well Registration Form 

Technical Guideline II - Hydrologic Testing 

Technical Guideline III - Fluid Handling 

After the application is received, it will be reviewed for administrative completeness. If the application is declared administratively complete, a technical review will be conducted including the following tasks:

  • Staff will review the geohydrologic and engineering aspects of the proposed well facility.
  • You as the applicant may receive a request for additional information.
  • Either a proposed draft permit is produced OR, the application may be returned to you due to insufficient information.
  • For complete applications, a technical summary, a compliance history, and a Notice of Application and Preliminary Decision will be prepared and sent to you as the applicant.
  • TCEQ's Chief Clerk will mail out notices of the agency's preliminary decision, instruct you to publish the same notice in the local community, and offer the public an opportunity to comment.
  • You as the applicant are responsible for publishing the notice in the appropriate news media (please check to see if you also need to publish notice in an alternate language).
  • When an application is not contested, the executive director will decide if a permit should be issued.
  • The executive director's decision can be appealed to the Commission.
  • If the application is contested, the Commission will determine whether to issue the permit or deny the application.
  • You as the applicant will receive your permit OR, if the application is denied, the executive director's decision can be appealed to the Commission.

Please feel free to contact the UIC staff in the Radioactive Materials Division if you have questions.

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