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Class I Injection Wells Regulated by the TCEQ

Process to follow to obtain a permit for a Class I injection well in Texas. Links to relevant forms. For Class I injection wells to be authorized under the UIC General Permit WDWG01000, see below.

If you are applying for a new permit, renewing, or modifying an existing permit regulated by the TCEQ, you are strongly encouraged to contact the TCEQ UIC staff and arrange a pre-application meeting and/or conference call prior to filing an application. Be sure and review the applicable rules before filing your application.

Application Forms:

Class I Injection Well UPDATE (Revised November 1, 2022)

Supplement to Class I Permit Application for Hazardous Wells Without a RCRA Permit

Supplement to Class I Permit Application for Salt Cavern Disposal Wells 

Well Data Report for Industrial and Municipal Injection Wells (form for applying for construction certification)

Guidance Documents:

Construction Guidance for Class I Injection Wells 

Basic Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity Tests and Related Cased Hole Wireline Logging 

Additional Guidance on Class I Well Issues 

The Permit Process for Class I Injection Well Applications:

After the application is received, it will be reviewed for administrative completeness. If the application is declared administratively complete, a technical review will be conducted including the following tasks:

      • Staff will review the geohydrologic and engineering aspects of the proposed well facility.
      • You may receive a request for additional information called a Notice of Deficiency.
      • A proposed draft permit will be prepared for technically complete applications and sent to you as the applicant.
      • A technical summary, a compliance history and a notice of draft permit will be prepared.
      • If the application is deemed complete and compliant with the appropriate rules and statutes, notice will be given. To encourage public participation in the permit process, TCEQ's Executive Director will prepare, and the Chief Clerk will mail a Notice of Application and Intent to Obtain a Permit and a Notice of Application and Preliminary Decision.
      • You as the applicant are responsible for publishing the notice in the appropriate news media (please check to see if you also need to publish notice in an alternate language).
      • After each notice, the executive director receives comments and responds to all significant comments. A public meeting may be held.
      • Certain persons which could potentially be affected by the injection well may request a public meeting and hearing prior to a decision being made on an injection well permit application.
      • The executive director will decide if the permit should be issued if the application is complete and compliant with applicable rules and statutes, and is uncontested.
      • If the application is contested, the Commission will issue the permit or deny the application after any legal appeals are complete.
      • The executive director's decision can be appealed to the Commission.
      • You will receive your permit after the executive director's decision, and, on those occasions in which a hearing process is required, any appeals are exhausted.
      • Well owners are responsible for proper closure and post closure care for their well(s). Financial assurance shall be submitted at least 60 days prior to commencement of drilling operations for new wells and for salt cavern disposal wells.
      • Within 90 days after the completion or conversion of the well, the permittee shall submit a Completion Report to the executive director. The report must include a surveyor's plat showing the exact location and giving the latitude and longitude of the well. The report must also include a certification that a notation on the deed to the facility property or on some other instrument which is normally examined during title search has been made stating the surveyed location of the well, the well permit number, and its permitted waste streams.

The Class I UIC General Permit:

The Class I UIC General Permit WDWG010000 provides authorization for use of a Class I injection well to inject nonhazardous brine from a desalination operation or nonhazardous drinking water treatment residuals. To obtain authorization to construct and operate a Class I well under the General Permit you must submit a Notice of Intent.

Please contact the TCEQ UIC staff to obtain a copy of the General Permit or the Notice of Intent form. 

The Permit Process for Wells to be Authorized under the UIC General Permit WDWG010000:

After a Notice of Intent (NOI) is received, staff will conduct an administrative review of the NOI to check it for completeness.

      • Staff will review the financial assurance amount in the NOI and the financial assurance mechanism.
      • If you, as the applicant, are an existing facility, staff will check your compliance history.
      • You may receive a request for additional information called a Notice of Deficiency.
      • If your NOI is administratively complete, a letter acknowledging authorization under the General Permit will be prepared and sent to you. The letter will include a unique identification number that has been assigned for each well at your facility that is authorized under the UIC General Permit.
      • If the Executive Director denies your NOI or authorization to inject waste under the General Permit, the Executive Director will provide written notice to you including a statement of the basis for this decision.
      • For new wells, you must submit financial assurance to the Commission at least 60 days prior to commencement of drilling operations.
      • You may not commence injection into the new injection well until construction is complete and you have submitted a Notice of Completion of Construction to the Executive Director. The Executive Director may inspect or review the new injection well.
      • If you have not received notice from the Executive Director of his intent to inspect or review the new injection well within 13 days of the date of the notice mentioned above, prior inspection or review is waived, and you may commence injection.
      • Within 90 days after the completion or conversion of the well, you must submit a Completion Report to the Executive Director.
      • You, as the permittee, will be responsible for proper closure and post-closure care for your well(s).
      • The UIC General Permit was reissued by the TCEQ Commissioners on October 24, 2022, for a period of ten years. It will expire on October 24, 2032.
      • The General Permit may be amended, revoked, or canceled by the Commission or renewed for additional terms not to exceed ten years each.
      • Upon issuance of a renewed or amended General Permit, to retain authorization you must submit an NOI in accordance with the requirements of the new permit.

Please feel free to contact the UIC staff in the Radioactive Materials Division if you have questions.

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