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Underground Injection Control - Templates for Preparing Notices in Spanish

Templates to help applicants prepare Notice of Application and Preliminary Decision in Spanish for permits for underground injection control (UIC) wells when required by TCEQ rules.

Alternative Language Notice

TCEQ adopted amendments to 30 TAC Chapter 39, Public Notice, requiring newspaper notice in an alternative language for certain permit applications. These rule amendments were adopted on November 9, 2005, and are effective on November 30, 2005.

Applications filed on or after November 30, 2005, are subject to the alternative language notice newspaper publication requirements. Guidance for determining whether the alternative language notice requirement applies to a particular UIC permit application is included in Section II.E. of the Class I permit application.

Template Instructions

Listed below are examples of notices in Spanish that are available for download to assist you in the preparation of your notice for a permit application. These examples are not to be viewed as a substitution for the rules . If you have any questions, please contact TCEQ UIC staff.

UIC Notices in Spanish

Pertinent to applications filed BEFORE September 1, 2015:

Pertinent to applications filed AFTER September 1, 2015: