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Underground Injection Control Permits and Registrations

Requirements for drilling and operating wells for the solution mining of sulfur, salts or uranium, or for injecting liquid wastes and other substances underground.

Topics Under this Category

Class I Injection Wells Regulated by the TCEQ
Process to follow to obtain a permit for a Class I injection well in Texas. Links to relevant forms. For Class I injection wells to be authorized under the UIC General Permit WDWG01000, see below.
Class I and Class III Injection Wells: Rules
Links to rules that regulate the permitting, construction, and operation of Class I and Class III injection wells in Texas.
Class III Injection Wells Regulated by the TCEQ
Process for obtaining a permit for a Class III injection well in Texas. Links to application forms and relevant rules, including those for well design and operation.
Class IV Injection Wells
Information about restrictions for Class IV injection wells, which are allowed only in special circumstances involving environmental cleanups.
Class V Injection Wells Regulated by the TCEQ
Process for obtaining an authorization for Class V injection wells, which apply to a wide variety of activities that release water or another liquid into the ground. Links to relevant forms and rules.
Contact and Application Information for the Underground Injection Control Program
Information about applications and how to contact the TCEQ Underground Injection Control Program.
Financial Assurance for Underground Injection Control Wells
Financial assurance requirements and contact information pertaining to underground injection control wells.
Injection Wells Regulated by the Railroad Commission of Texas
Brief list of injection wells regulated by the Railroad Commission of Texas.
Injection Wells: Am I Regulated?
Information about injection wells and regulations for them in Texas. Links to more guidance and forms for specific regulatory programs.
Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Underground Injection Control (UIC) Programs
Current plan detailing state requirements for the management of waste under the Industrial and Hazardous Waste and Underground Injection Control programs, submitted to EPA for approval each fiscal year.
Search Underground Injection Control Permit Applications
Information to guide persons to the TCEQ Central Registry Query for information about underground injection control permits.