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Air Quality Data and Evaluations

Data on current and historical air pollution and weather measurements, air monitoring and emissions, ratings for Texas cities.

Air Quality Forecast and Ozone Action Day Email Alerts:
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General Air Pollution and Meteorological Data

Current and historical air pollution and weather measurements in Texas.

GeoTAM (Geographical Texas Air Monitoring)Exit the TCEQ

Using our map interface, access information about air quality monitors, view and print maps of areas of interest, and obtain details about selected air monitors and their surrounding area.

Ozone Data

Current and historical measurements of ozone air pollution in Texas.

PM 2.5 Data: Soot, Dust, Smoke (Particulate Matter)

Current and historical measurements of PM 2.5 air pollution in Texas.

Texas Air Monitoring Information System (TAMIS)

Generate and download predefined reports containing air quality data and associated information stored in the TAMIS database.

TexAER (Texas Air Emissions Repository)

Use TexAER to create, export, and print reports on non-point air emissions inventories from on-road mobile, non-road mobile, biogenic, and area sources. TexAER contains historical, current, and projected future case emissions inventory data, as well as control strategy information. You can customize your report to include specific locations, source classification codes (SCCs), time periods, units of measure, and other parameters.

Area Source Emissions

Small emission sources are inventoried as a group (area source), such as some commercial, industrial, governmental or institutional sources from a specific area.


Download Lists of Effects Screening Levels (ESLs)

Download previous and current effects screening levels lists used in the review of air permitting data, and sign up to receive ESL-related announcements.

Air Pollutant Watch List

The Air Pollutant Watch List alerts technical personnel to cities and counties within the state that have areas with elevated concentrations of air pollutants.

Toxicological Evaluations of Ambient Air Monitoring Data

Evaluations of air quality data collected across the state for potential health effects and odors.