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General Air Pollution and Meteorological Data

Current and historical air pollution and weather measurements in Texas.

Air Quality and Meteorology

Hourly Air Pollution Data by Day, Month, or Year

Search for air quality data collected on a specific day, during a particular month, or a definite year and at a specific TCEQ air monitoring site.

Data Collected by Automated Gas Chromatographs (AutoGCs)

Links to air toxics data collected by our AutoGCs, a description of why this data is collected and how it is used, and monitoring network and program contact information.

Historical Pollutant and Weather Data

Air pollution and meteorological data from the TCEQ, local Texas monitoring networks, and the EPA, since 1972.

Web Camera Images of West Texas

Images showing current visibility, air quality, and meteorological information about the Big Bend, MacDonald Observatory, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and El Paso.


Real-Time Winds Aloft

Current measurements of winds in the lower atmosphere, which help determine the movement of air pollution across Texas.

Meteorological Data for Air Dispersion Modeling

Compressed (zipped) ASCII files of datasets—use when air dispersion modeling is required for an air permit application, modification, or other permit action.

Texas Climatology 1974-2003

Average precipitation and snowfall, average minimum and maximum temperatures, and highest and lowest temperatures recorded across the state.

Wind Roses

Illustrations of wind direction movement at particular Texas cities from 1984 to 1992, used to help predict long-term air quality.