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Waste Management Permit Applications, Permits, Registrations, and Facilities

Data and information on hazardous and solid waste activities.

Search the TCEQ Central Registry

Find current and past information about:

  • Industrial and Hazardous Waste Registrations and Permits
  • Municipal Solid-Waste Facilities
  • Underground Injection Control Permit Applications
  • Medical Waste Transporters
  • Sludge Transporters
  • Search for IHW Corrective Action Facilities

Active Scrap Tire Handlers and Facilities

Download Microsoft Excel file containing information about active, registered scrap tire handlers and facilities in Texas.

View Municipal Solid Waste Applications

We are required to post MSW applications that require public notice to the Internet.

Raw Data

Industrial and Hazardous Waste (IHW) Datasets

Texas Solid Waste Activity statewide files consist of three sets of extracts. Some are available for download—others must be ordered.

Data on Municipal Solid Waste Facilities

Download Microsoft Excel files containing data on MSW facilities from TCEQ databases.

Petroleum Storage Tank (PST) Records and Datasets

Find current and historic information and datasets about PSTs and known LPSTs in Texas.

Dry Cleaners Registration Records and Data

Download a statewide dry cleaner site owners list.