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TCEQ Records Services: Request Records from Our Central File Room

The TCEQ’s Central File Room offers an area for the public to view hard-copy and electronic records.

A full listing of records available through the Central File Room can be reviewed through the Records Online.

Please utilize the application/pdfMicrosoft Word Document Searching TCEQ Records Online Guide to get the best possible results when searching the  TCEQ Records Online.

If you wish to submit a Public Information Request under the Texas Public Information Act or if your request is for “any and all” documents, current applications, ongoing compliance or enforcement actions, or records that are NOT available in the Central File Room, see Public Information Requests. Once your Public Information Request is submitted, please do not submit a second records request through the Central File Room. Double requests may cause confusion, and subsequently, a delay in receiving your records.

Where is the Central File Room?

Central File Room: Building E, Room 103, First Floor

See our TCEQ campus map

Hours of operation: The Central File Room Viewing Area is open during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For an appointment, please email CFRREQ@TCEQ.TEXAS.GOV.