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Commissioners' Agendas

The current agenda, schedule of upcoming agenda meetings, and contact information.


The following PDF files include imbedded links to agenda backup documents. The agendas can be viewed on this TCEQ web site a minimum of eight days before the agenda meeting. All filed documents can be viewed by visiting the Office of the Chief Clerk during regular business hours.



Marked Commissioners' Agendas

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Future 2019 Agenda Dates:

              • August 14
              • August 28
              • September 11
              • September 27 (Friday) (Previously September 25)
              • October 9
              • October 23
              • November 6
              • November 20
              • December 18


This schedule provides advance notice of agenda meetings so that matters may be scheduled for Commission consideration on a timely basis. It is possible that matters may be continued to, or originally scheduled for, a Commission work session held during the interim between agenda meetings. If need be, an agenda meeting may be scheduled for an "off" week. Also, a matter may be scheduled for Commission consideration as an emergency posting under the Open Meetings Act, although the circumstances for this will continue to be very rare.



Questions about the TCEQ Commissioners' agendas should be directed to:

Mehgan Taack, Section Manager

Phone: 512/239-3300

E-Mail: chiefclk@tceq.texas.gov



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