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Directory: Office of Compliance and Enforcement

Contacts and phone numbers for the Office of Compliance and Enforcement.

MAIN LINE: 512-239-5100
FAX: 239-4390

The area code for all phone numbers is 512 unless otherwise indicated. MC stands for mail code. Please use the indicated mail code when addressing mail to the agency. See TCEQ address information.

DirectorCraig PritzlaffMC 172239-5150
Assistant DirectorKristi Mills-Jurach, P.E.MC 172239-1261
Special AssistantDavid BowerMC 172239-2953
Special AssistantCynthia GandeeMC 172239-0179
Office ManagerJessica RamirezMC 172239-1503
Office Budget LiaisonEdith GonzalezMC 172239-2051
Executive AssistantJo Ann GutierrezMC 172239-5455
Executive AssistantFabiola MarroquinMC 172239-5188

Critical Infrastructure Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-1510
FAX: 239-0404
Deputy DirectorKelly CookMC 177239-0044
Assistant Deputy DirectorAmancio GutierrezMC 177239-0076
Executive AssistantJennifer Kim-McNeilMC 177239-1856
Division Budget LiaisonLauri CherryMC 177239-0954
Spill Reporting (24-hour)800-832-8224
Environmental Complaints and Non-Spill Emergencies888-777-3186
Tier II Chemical Reporting800-452-2791
Emergency Management Support TeamMC 177239-1510FAX:239-0404
Emergency Management CoordinatorAnthony BuckMC 177239-1511
Emergency Management LiaisonAbel GarciaMC 177239-2043
Emergency Management LiaisonJeff KunzeMC 177239-1509
Emergency Management LiaisonTerry SullivanMC 177239-3126
Emergency Management LiaisonChristopher WiatrekMC 177239-1514
Homeland Security TeamMC 177239-4663FAX:239-0404
Homeland Security CoordinatorMichelle HavelkaMC 177239-3134
Assistant Homeland Security CoordinatorMelinda TorresMC 177239-3132
Dam Safety SectionMC 177239-0326FAX:239-0404
ManagerTrina Lancaster, P.E.MC 177239-4283
Dam Safety Team 1John Cosgrove, P.E.MC 177239-4307
Dam Safety Team 2Jeff Thomas, P.E.MC 177239-0453
Dam Safety Team 3Michael Wood, P.E.MC 177239-1268
Dam Safety Team 4David Trujillo, P.E.MC 177239-5062
Radioactive Materials Compliance and Chemical Reporting SectionMC 177239-0326FAX:239-0404
ManagerLana D'SouzaMC 177239-6644
Radioactive Materials Compliance Work LeaderMuhammadali AbbaszadehMC 177239-6078
Tier II Chemical Reporting Team LeaderLaura MitchellMC 177239-5069
Emissions Event Review SectionMC 177239-1520FAX:239-0404
ManagerKendra HoustonMC 177239-1080
Refinery/Chemical Team LeaderPratima SinghMC 177239-5006
Oil and Gas Team LeaderBarbara BurrellMC 177239-1226
Other Sources Team LeaderDavarund WhittingMC 177239-1217

Enforcement Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-2545
FAX: 239-4562
Deputy DirectorAmy SettemeyerMC 219239-2588
Assistant Deputy DirectorMelissa Cordell, P.G.MC 219239-2483
Executive AssistantRebecca Margain-NunezMC 219239-5540
Budget AnalystTera HeinzkeMC 219239-6774
Management AnalystLynley DoyenMC 219239-1364
Program SpecialistNahla AbuelelaMC 219239-6779
Special Functions Team LeaderMichael ParrishMC 219239-2548
Water Enforcement SectionMC 219239-2545FAX:239-4562
ManagerKristy DeaverMC 219239-4454
Technical SpecialistLaura DraperMC R9254-761-3012
Team LeaderKaty MontgomeryMC R13210-403-4016
Air Enforcement SectionMC 219239-2545FAX:239-4562
ManagerMichael De La CruzMC 219239-0259
Technical SpecialistDanielle PorrasR12713-767-3682
Team LeaderMaggie DennisMC-R4817-588-5892
Audit and Compliance Enforcement SectionMC 219239-2545FAX:239-4562
ManagerKrista ClementMC 219239-1234
Technical SpecialistLinde DytrichMC 219239-1607
Team LeaderNorma SalinasMC 219239-0776
Waste Enforcement SectionMC 219239-2545FAX:239-4562
ManagerMadelyn FlannaganMC 219239-2543
Technical SpecialistKen MollerMC 219239-6111
Team LeaderCourtney GoorisMC 219817-588-5863
Division Support and Monitoring SectionMC 224239-2545FAX:239-4562
ManagerBrett LanhamMC 219239-6737
Division Support Technical SpecialistRebecca BoyettMC 149239-2503
Division Support Team LeaderNorma SalinasMC 219239-0776
Compliance Monitoring Section Team LeaderMacy BeauchampMC 219239-0437
Drinking Water SectionMC 219239-2545FAX:239-4562
ManagerMegan HamiltonMC 219239-1582
Technical SpecialistRyan ByerMC 219239-2571
Team LeaderAmanda ConnerMC 219239-2521
Team LeaderSteven HallMC 219239-2569

Monitoring Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-1716
FAX: 239-0867
Deputy DirectorBrandy BrooksMC 165239-0856
Assistant Deputy DirectorJulie EldredgeMC 165239-1714
Executive AssistantCynthia ScogginsMC 165239-0860
Technical SpecialistLarry OgleMC 165239-2314
Business and Financial Services SectionMC 165239-0344
ManagerRobert ApolinarioMC 165239-0344
Ambient Monitoring SectionMC 165239-6256
ManagerStephanie MaMC 165239-6256
Mobile Monitoring TeamPeyton PearceMC 165239-5446
Network Support TeamSteven CanoMC 165239-1788
Laboratory and Quality Assurance SectionMC 165239-1990FAX: 239-1605
ManagerD. Jody KoehlerMC 165239-1990
Laboratory AccreditationFrank JamisonMC 165239-3754
EPA DMR-QA StudiesPenny SterlingMC 165239-1617
Air Laboratory TeamVacantMC 165239-1990
Quality Assurance TeamMaria TrevinoMC 165239-3087
Data Management SectionMC 165239-5241
ManagerHeather StewartMC 165239-5241
Data Validation TeamMelanie HotchkissMC 165239-5240
Calibration Laboratory TeamTyler BatchelorMC 165239-1779
Data Collection TeamDeborah OdetteMC 165239-5903
Network Operations SectionMC 165239-6342
ManagerNeal PenneyMC 165239-6342
Inland TeamSusan SimonetMC 165239-0572
Coastal TeamRomeo RubianoMC 165239-1984

Program Support and Environmental Assistance Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-0400
Deputy DirectorAndy GardnerMC 174239-3120
Assistant Deputy DirectorMelissa KellerMC 174239-1768
Executive AssistantShawna WeaverMC 174239-0423
Division Support TeamTom HeitmanMC 174239-3257
Technical Programs TeamJoseph HopkinsMC 174254-761-3051
Field Support TeamRenae DiGuardiMC R14361-881-6941
Technology Support and Data TeamZachary KingMC 174239-1931
Small Business and Local Government Assistance Section
TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 800-447-2827
MC 174239-0400
ManagerShelley NaikMC 174239-1536
Rural OmbudsmanJason RobinsonMC 174239-6710
Compliance Team 1Diana SteeleR8325-481-8061
Compliance Team 2Hailey DavidsonMC 174239-5834
Compliance Team 3Carmen Garcia (Ramirez)R16956-721-8457
Compliance Team 4Erica SolisR16956-721-8452

Regional Areas

Field Operations Border and Permian Basin

Area Director
David A. Ramirez
1804 W Jefferson Ave
Harlingen TX 78550-5247
Phone: 956-425-6010
Fax: 956-412-5059
Region 6 (El Paso)
Region 7 (Midland)
Region 15 (Harlingen)
Region 16 (Laredo)

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Field Operations Central Texas

Area Director
Joel Anderson
Mailing Address:
MC 172
PO Box 13087
Austin TX 78711-3087
Street Address:
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin TX 78753
Phone: 210-403-4010
Fax: 512-239-4390
Region 9 (Waco)
Region 11 (Austin)
Region 13 (San Antonio)

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Field Operations Coastal and East Texas

Area Director
David Van Soest
Mailing Address:
MC 172
PO Box 13087
Austin TX 78711-3087
Street Address:
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin TX 78753
Phone: 512-239-0468
Fax: 512-239-4390
Region 5 (Tyler)
Region 10 (Beaumont)
Region 12 (Houston)
Region 14 (Corpus Christi)

Field Operations North Central and West Texas

Area Director
Randy J. Ammons
5012 50th St., Ste. 100
Lubbock TX 79414-3426
Phone: 806-796-7092
Fax: 806-796-7107

Region 1 (Amarillo)
Region 2 (Lubbock)
Region 3 (Abilene)
Region 4 (Dallas/Fort Worth — includes Stephenville Special Project Office)
Region 8 (San Angelo)

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