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Texas Air Quality Modeling - Files and Information (2012 Episodes)

Air quality modeling files and technical information from TCEQ's photochemical modeling program (2012 episodes)

Modeling Domains, Monitoring Sites, and Results

Modeling Files

Files provided here are undergoing quality assurance and peer review and are subject to change. Visit this Web page frequently to check for updates. If you have any questions regarding these files, please e-mail us at amda@tceq.texas.gov with "Texas State and Local Ozone Modeling Files" in the subject line.

The modeling data files are available in the 'TX' Directory on the TCEQ Air Modeling FTP site.

2012 observed air quality and meteorological data and baseline ozone design values (updated on June 27, 2016)

CAMx modeling files:
Run Name Model MET
Output Result1 Release
Release 2 of May - September 2012 Episodes
"Adopted HGB Attainment Demonstration SIP Revision for the 2017 Future Year" configuration
2017 future design value calculations (Excel) in accordance with
EPA State Implementation Plan Attainment Demonstration Guidance
Base Case bc12_12xxx.r6a_r4a.2012_wrf371_p2ma_i2mSNgqsfc0_f (bc12_12xxx.release2)
bc12_12may.release2 CAMx 6.312
CB6 r2h
go go go go go go map | chart | stats December 5, 2016
bc12_12jun.release2 go go map | chart | stats
bc12_12jul.release2 go go map | chart | stats
bc12_12aug.release2 go go map | chart | stats
bc12_12sep.release2 go go map | chart | stats
Baseline Case bl12_12xxx.r6a_r4a.2012_wrf371_p2ma_i2mSNgqsfc0_f (bl12_12xxx.release2)
bl12_12may.release2 CAMx 6.312
CB6 r2h
go go3 go go go go December 5, 2016
bl12_12jun.release2 go go
bl12_12jul.release2 go go
bl12_12aug.release2 go go
bl12_12sep.release2 go go
Future Year 2017 Case fy17_12xxx.c0m_c0m.2012_wrf371_p2ma_i2mSNgqsfc0_f (fy17_12xxx.release2)
fy17_12may.release2 CAMx 6.312
CB6 r2h
go go3 go go go go December 5, 2016
fy17_12jun.release2 go go
fy17_12jul.release2 go go
fy17_12aug.release2 go go
fy17_12sep.release2 go go
1. Interactive maps, charts, and statistics showing modeling results and comparing with observed data.
2. Ramboll Environ's unofficial release CAMx v6.31 with improved Halogen Chemistry. The source code was compiled with PGI compiler v15.7 (with -Kieee option) and MPICH v2-1.2.1p1 on a server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.4; the model runs were conducted on a High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) running RHEL 6.4 (7 MPI nodes and 16 OMP threads on each node).
3. Include CAMx-ready compoenent EI files for CAMx OSAT or APCA.

Pre-CAMx Component Emissions Inventory Data for HGB ozone SIP 2012 Episodes