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Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program Enforcement

Methods used to enforce the vehicle emissions inspection program

  • Vehicle Registration Sticker Enforcement
    Eligible motorists that do not pass the vehicle emissions inspection will not receive the required vehicle registration sticker and will be subject to traffic citations from law enforcement authorities.
  • Vehicle Registration Denial

    Motorists with vehicles registered in Brazoria, Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, El Paso, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Johnson, Kaufman, Montgomery, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant, Travis, and Williamson Counties will not be eligible to renew their vehicle's annual registration if the vehicle has not passed its annual emissions inspection or complied with the vehicle emissions inspection program requirements.

    Vehicle owners that receive an annual vehicle registration renewal notice that has a "TCEQ - EMISSIONS PRGM NON-COMPLIANCE" remark printed on the front page will be unable to renew registration until the non-compliance issue is resolved. For information call the TCEQ's Registration Denial Hotline at 1 (888)-295-0141.

  • Targeted On-Road Inspections (Remote Sensing)
    On-road inspections are used to target high-emitting vehicles commuting from adjacent ozone nonattainment counties. Targeted motorists are required to have their vehicle inspected within 30 days of notification. The van-installed on-road inspection equipment is strategically placed to capture auto emissions from single-lane traffic in an acceleration mode. On-road inspections may also be used as a program validation tool to inspect vehicles exiting from inspection and repair sites. Vehicles targeted by the on-road inspection program that do not pass the required emission inspection may be ineligible to receive their vehicle registration.