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Air Quality Research

Projects and programs designed to improve the state of air quality science and policy.

Air Quality Research and Contract Projects
Projects to advance air quality modeling and research under contract with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Stakeholder Group: Flare Task Force
The Flare Task Force seeks stakeholder input on issues related to all aspects of flares.

TexAQS II Field Study
Background and History of TexAQS Field Studies

Texas Air Quality Research ProgramExit the TCEQ
The University of Texas at Austin administers the Texas Air Quality Research Program (AQRP) that supports scientific research related to Texas air quality, in the areas of emissions inventory development, atmospheric chemistry, meteorology and air quality modeling. Research topics are identified and prioritized by an Independent Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC). Projects to be funded by the AQRP are selected from the list of ITAC recommended projects by the TCEQ and an Advisory Council. AQRP has projects and reports that have helped advance the leading edge of the science for air quality regulation and implementation in Texas.