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Regional Haze SIP Appendices, February 25, 2009

A list of the appendices for this revision to the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for air quality.

The SIP files on this page are hosted by the Texas Records and Information Locator (TRAIL) web archiveExit the TCEQ. If you need assistance with a file, please contact

application/pdfAppendix 1-1Exit the TCEQ EPA Regional Haze Rule 1999

application/pdfAppendix 2-1Exit the TCEQ Public Participation Process

application/pdfAppendix 2-2Exit the TCEQ Public Comments and Responses on SIP

application/pdfAppendix 4-1Exit the TCEQ Summary of Three Texas Consultation Calls

application/pdfAppendix 4-2Exit the TCEQ Consultation List and Materials

application/pdfAppendix 5-1Exit the TCEQ Discussion of the Original and Revised IMPROVE Algorithms 

application/pdfAppendix 5-2Exit the TCEQ Estimate of Natural Visibility Conditions

Note: SAS file is a 255 megabyte ZIP file, depending on your connection this download may take awhile.

application/pdfAppendix 7-1Exit the TCEQ Texas Emissions Inventory Development: Base Year 2002 and Projected Year 2018 

application/pdfAppendix 7-2Exit the TCEQ Integrated Planning Model Projections of Electric Generating Unit Emissions for the Regional Haze SIP

Appendix 8-1 Technical Support Document (TSD) for CenRAP Emissions and Air Quality Modeling to Support Regional Haze SIP

application/pdfAppendix 8-2Exit the TCEQ Modeling Protocol for the CenRAP 2002 Annual Emissions and Air Quality Modeling 

application/pdfAppendix 8-3Exit the TCEQ Quality Assurance Project Plan for Central Regional Air Planning Association Emissions and Air Quality Modeling

application/pdfAppendix 8-4Exit the TCEQ Big Bend Model Performance Analysis 

application/pdfAppendix 9-1Exit the TCEQ U.S. EPA Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART) Rule 

application/pdfAppendix 9-2Exit the TCEQ Texas BART Rule 

application/pdfAppendix 9-3Exit the TCEQ Texas Survey for BART-Eligibility 

application/pdfAppendix 9-4Exit the TCEQ CAMx Modeling Protocol, Screening Analysis of Potentially BART-Eligible Sources in Texas

application/pdfAppendix 9-5Exit the TCEQ CAMx Modeling Report, Final Report, Screening Analysis of Potential BART-Eligible Sources in Texas 

Appendix 9-6 CAMx Screening Modeling Addendums 1 and 2

application/pdfAppendix 9-7Exit the TCEQ Certification of Screening Modeling Data 

Appendix 9-8 CALPUFF Modeling Guidelines and Modeling Summaries

application/pdfAppendix 9-9Exit the TCEQ CAMx Modeling Guidelines

Appendix 9-10 BART Engineering Guidance Documents and Forms

application/pdfAppendix 9-11Exit the TCEQ Documentation of Emission Reductions 

application/pdfAppendix 9-12Exit the TCEQ County Abbreviations 

application/pdfAppendix 9-13Exit the TCEQ BART-Eligible List 

application/pdfAppendix 10-1Exit the TCEQ Analysis of Control Strategies RPG

application/pdfAppendix 10-2Exit the TCEQ Estimating Visibility Impacts from Additional Point Source Controls 

application/pdfAppendix 10-3Exit the TCEQ Uniform Rate of Progress Curves Using Default Natural Conditions Estimates 

Appendix 10-4 Detailed Calculations for Estimating Visibility Impacts

Appendix 11-1Exit the TCEQ Fire Management Plans 

application/pdfAppendix 11-2Exit the TCEQ Federal and Texas Programs Related to On-Road and Non-Road Mobile Sources

application/pdfAppendix 11-3Exit the TCEQ Major Point Source NOx Rules and Reductions Promulgated in Texas Since 2000

application/pdfAppendix 11-4Exit the TCEQ ASARCO El Paso