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Regional Haze SIP Appendices, February 25, 2009

A list of the appendices for this revision to the State Implementation Plan (SIP) for air quality.

Appendix 1-1 EPA Regional Haze Rule 1999

Appendix 2-1 Public Participation Process

Appendix 2-2 Public Comments and Responses on SIP

Appendix 4-1 Summary of Three Texas Consultation Calls

Appendix 4-2 Consultation List and Materials

Appendix 5-1 Discussion of the Original and Revised IMPROVE Algorithms 

Appendix 5-2 Estimate of Natural Visibility Conditions

Note: SAS file is a 255 megabyte ZIP file, depending on your connection this download may take awhile.

Appendix 7-1 Texas Emissions Inventory Development: Base Year 2002 and Projected Year 2018 

Appendix 7-2 Integrated Planning Model Projections of Electric Generating Unit Emissions for the Regional Haze SIP

Appendix 8-1 Technical Support Document (TSD) for CENRAP Emissions and Air Quality Modeling to Support Regional Haze SIP

Appendix 8-2 Modeling Protocol for the CENRAP 2002 Annual Emissions and Air Quality Modeling 

Appendix 8-3 Quality Assurance Project Plan for Central Regional Air Planning Association Emissions and Air Quality Modeling

Appendix 8-4 Big Bend Model Performance Analysis 

Appendix 9-1 U.S. EPA Best Available Retrofit Technology (BART) Rule 

Appendix 9-2 Texas BART Rule 

Appendix 9-3 Texas Survey for BART-Eligibility 

Appendix 9-4 CAMx Modeling Protocol, Screening Analysis of Potentially BART-Eligible Sources in Texas

Appendix 9-5 CAMx Modeling Report, Final Report, Screening Analysis of Potential BART-Eligible Sources in Texas 

Appendix 9-6 CAMx Screening Modeling Addendums 1 and 2

Appendix 9-7 Certification of Screening Modeling Data 

Appendix 9-8 CALPUFF Modeling Guidelines and Modeling Summaries

Appendix 9-9 CAMx Modeling Guidelines

Appendix 9-10 BART Engineering Guidance Documents and Forms

Appendix 9-11 Documentation of Emission Reductions 

Appendix 9-12 County Abbreviations 

Appendix 9-13 BART-Eligible List 

Appendix 10-1 Analysis of Control Strategies RPG

Appendix 10-2 Estimating Visibility Impacts from Additional Point Source Controls 

Appendix 10-3 Uniform Rate of Progress Curves Using Default Natural Conditions Estimates 

Appendix 10-4 Detailed Calculations for Estimating Visibility Impacts

Appendix 11-1 Fire Management Plans 

Appendix 11-2 Federal and Texas Programs Related to On-Road and Non-Road Mobile Sources

Appendix 11-3 Major Point Source NOx Rules and Reductions Promulgated in Texas Since 2000

Appendix 11-4 ASARCO El Paso