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Stationary Source Programs: Contacts

How to contact the Stationary Source Programs Team for additional information on the Tax Relief for Pollution Control Property program and air quality rules for stationary sources.

Chapter 17: Tax Relief For Property Used For Environmental Protection

  • Elizabeth Sartain, (512) 239-3933
  • Frances (Nikki) Clark, (512) 239-3931

Chapter 115: Control of Air Pollution from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • Frances (Nikki) Clark, (512) 239-3931

Chapter 117: Control of Air Pollution from Nitrogen Compounds (NOx)

  • Javier Galvan, (512) 239-1492
  • Frances (Nikki) Clark, (512) 239-3931

Other Rules and Specific Subjects

Chapter 111: Control of Air Pollution from Visible Emissions and Particulate Matter (Subchapter A only)

Chapter 112: Control of Air Pollution from Sulfur Compounds

Chapter 118: Control of Air Pollution Episodes

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


  • Frances (Nikki) Clark, (512) 239-3931
  • Javier Galvan, (512) 239-1426