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Stationary Source Programs: Contacts

How to contact the Stationary Source Programs Team for additional information on the Tax Relief for Pollution Control Property program and air quality rules for stationary sources.

Stationary Source Programs Team Leader

  • Bob Gifford, (512) 239-3149

Chapter 17: Tax Relief For Property Used For Environmental Protection
Chapter 18: Rollback Relief for Pollution Control Requirements

  • Elizabeth Sartain, (512) 239-3933
  • Everlynne Morel, (512) 239-1245

Chapter 115: Control of Air Pollution from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

  • John Lewis, (512) 239-4922

Chapter 117: Control of Air Pollution from Nitrogen Compounds (NOx)

  • John Lewis, (512) 239-4922

Other Rules and Specific Subjects

Chapter 111: Control of Air Pollution from Visible Emissions and Particulate Matter (Subchapter A only)

Chapter 112: Control of Air Pollution from Sulfur Compounds

Chapter 118: Control of Air Pollution Episodes

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


Stationary Source Programs Rulemaking

  • John Lewis, (512) 239-4922