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Tax Relief: Eligible and Non-Eligible Property

Pollution control property that may be eligible for a positive use determination under the TCEQ's Tax Relief for Pollution Control Property program.

Basic Eligibility Requirements for a Positive Use Determination

To be eligible for a positive use determination, the pollution control property/equipment (i.e., equipment, buildings, land, and vehicles) must meet the following three standards.

  • It must be used wholly or partly for preventing, monitoring, controlling, or reducing air, water, or land pollution.
  • It must have been purchased or installed after January 1, 1994, in order to meet or exceed the requirements of a rule or regulation adopted by a federal, state, or local political subdivision of Texas.
  • It must provide an environmental benefit.

Eligible Property

Tier I Table and Expedited Review List

Additional Eligible Property/Equipment

  • Land acquired after January 1, 1994, which:
    • contains only pollution control property/equipment, such as the actual square footage of land that contains a baghouse or scrubber;
    • is used solely for pollution control, such as land used for a storm water or wastewater containment pond; or
    • was specifically purchased solely for pollution control, such as adjacent land that is used solely for pollution control purposes. Buffer zones, i.e., land used solely as a buffer zone, are not eligible.
  • Dedicated-Purpose Vehicles used solely for pollution control purposes, such as vacuum trucks, street sweepers, surface-watering trucks, and spill-response vehicles.
  • Used Pollution Control Equipment that has been acquired, constructed, or installed by the new owner after January 1, 1994, and has been moved from one county to another county.

Non-Eligible Property/Equipment

  • Property/equipment used solely by a facility to manufacture or produce a product used in pollution control, or to render a service that monitors, controls, or reduces pollution.
  • Property/equipment used solely at a facility for the production of a product.
  • Motor vehicles that are not dedicated solely for pollution control.
  • Residential property.
  • Recreational, parkland, or scenic property.
  • Property/equipment that was subject to property taxes before January 1, 1994.
  • Property/equipment subject to a tax abatement agreement executed before January 1, 1994, except for property/equipment acquired, constructed, or installed after the agreement has expired.

Related Rules

Title 30 Texas Administrative Code, §17.6 Exit the TCEQ

Texas Tax Code, §11.31 Exit the TCEQ

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