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Drought Emergency Planning

Find links to resources about drought and emergency management for Public Water Systems, as well as video from the TCEQ’s workshop on emergency planning.

Drought and Emergency Management Resources for Public Water Systems

Video presentation: Drought Emergency Planning Workshop

During 2012, we hosted drought emergency planning workshops throughout the state. The workshops provided local government officials, board members, and their water system operators information and tools to prevent and mitigate water outages. YouTube logo Video of Emergency Planning Workshop Presentation

Workshop presentation topics included:

  • the status and severity of the continuing drought in Texas,
  • an explanation of the emergency process and the role of each agency in the process,
  • a discussion on what the Drinking Water Task force is and what it has done thus far,
  • an explanation of available tools, including Financial, Managerial, and Technical (FMT) assistance; the EnviroMentor Program; funding; and the Texas Water Infrastructure Coordination Committee (TWICC),
  • a discussion on creating an emergency plan:
    • obtaining interconnections
    • drilling emergency wells
    • planning for conservation

Representatives from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Division of Emergency Management, Texas Water Development Board, the Texas Water Infrastructure Coordination Committee, local river authorities, and the local Ground Water Conservation Districts were available to provide additional information.

Small Business and Local Government Assistance

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