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Immediate Notification Required for Water Outage, Boil Water, Do-Not-Use, and Do-Not-Consume Notices

September 2023–Effective Sept. 1, 2023, Texas Health and Safety Code Subsection 341.033(i)(6) requires non-industrial public water systems (PWS) to immediately notify TCEQ in the event of an unplanned condition that has caused a public water supply outage or the public water supply system to issue a do-not-use advisory, do-not-consume advisory, or boil water notice. This requirement was added during the 88th legislative session by House Bill 3810.

Who Needs to Report

Public water systems that supply water for residential customers.

When to Report

You must report if there is an unplanned condition that:

  • Causes a public water supply outage, and/or
  • Results in the PWS issuing a do-not-use advisory, do-not-consume advisory, or boil water notice.

How to Report

Report online using our Immediate Notification Form.

For assistance filling out this form or to report verbally, please call 833-419-0551 or the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) at 512-424-2208.

Additional Information

Along with the new reporting requirements, PWSs are still required to:

  • Issue the do-not-use advisory, do-not-consume advisory, or boil water notice to the public as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours after notice requirements,
  • Submit a copy of the 24-hour notice to TCEQ at within 24 hours of delivery to the public,
  • Submit a certificate of delivery to TCEQ within 10 days, and
  • Submit a rescind certificate of delivery, copy of the rescind notice, and a copy of the microbiological samples to TCEQ within 10 days of rescinding the notice.

For more information, visit TCEQ’s Boil Water Notice webpage.