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Upcoming Deadline for MSGP Facilities to Report in NetDMR

March 2023 – Multi-Sector General Permit facilities must submit electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports of all required monitoring results by March 31, 2023.

Facilities must submit results through the NetDMR electronic reporting system if they:

  • Must meet federal effluent limits within sectors A, C, D, E, J, O, and S (find a full list of activities required to meet federal effluent limits in Part III.C.2 Table 3 of the MSGP, TXR050000).
  • Must meet numeric effluent limits for hazardous metals and must report exceeding a limit.
  • Must meet benchmark monitoring requirements.
  • Discharge a pollutant of concern at a level of concern directly into an impaired water body.

Submit your results for the monitoring period from Jan. 1, 2022, through Dec. 31, 2022.

Exceptions to Reporting in NetDMR

TCEQ may grant a temporary waiver from electronic reporting in limited cases for each authorization. To obtain a temporary waiver, contact the Stormwater Processing Center at 512-239-3700.

If you submit your results to TCEQ on paper forms without an electronic reporting waiver, we will return them to you.

How to Access NetDMR

You need an account through EPA’s Central Data Exchange to access the NetDMR system. View EPA’s instructions for creating your account .  

Resources to Help with NetDMR Reporting

Visit our NetDMR webpage for instructions on using NetDMR and other resources.

TCEQ hosted a webinar about how to report monitoring data in NetDMR. View the TCEQ Multi-Sector General Permit: Online Reporting for Discharge Monitoring Video to learn more. Find additional resources, including the presentation slides, on TCEQ’s MSGP NetDMR webpage.

Help Line

If you have questions about reporting through NetDMR for the MSGP, contact the help line at 855-906-MSGP (6747).