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NetDMR: Submit Your Discharge Monitoring Reports Online

NetDMR is a web-based tool that allows you, as a Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permittee, to electronically sign and submit your water quality discharge-monitoring reports (DMRs) to the TCEQ.

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What reports can I submit using NetDMR?

You can submit DMRs for individual and domestic wastewater discharge permits and some TPDES wastewater general permits. Learn more about the NetDMR reports you can submit online.

Who can submit reports in NetDMR?

The NetDMR system allows for flexibility in user type and the roles that each user is assigned. You can indicate whether you are a permittee user (someone who works within your organization) or a data provider (someone who works outside of your organization). It also allows you to assign roles to each user - with varying levels of access. These include: read-only, edit, signatory, and permit administrator. Learn more about NetDMR User Types and Roles.

How do I create an account?

In order to begin using NetDMR, you will need to create an account. Once you have created an account, you will need to request access to NetDMR - based on your business need (view, edit, or submit data). View step-by-step guidance to Create a NetDMR Account and Request Access.

How do I enter DMR data?

The TCEQ and the EPA have developed tools to help you submit DMR data. We have compiled a list of resources and tips for reporting if the NetDMR system is temporarily unavailable. Visit the Enter Data into NetDMR Web page to learn more.

Why should I use NetDMR?

NetDMR offers many benefits for permittees.

  • Improves your data quality by automatically checking data for errors.
  • You can import DMR data for multiple outfalls at the same time.
  • You can sign your DMRs electronically and receive confirmation of your submission.
  • You can access up to five years of electronic copies.
  • You can submit attachments such as lab data, photographs, or other documentation relevant to the DMR.

Is NetDMR secure?

Yes. Communications with NetDMR are secured by your password, security questions, and security protocol commonly used by online banking sites. In addition, NetDMR has received approval from the EPA that it meets the requirements of the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR). Learn more about CROMERR. Exit the TCEQ

Who can I contact if I have questions?

E-mail us your questions at NetDMR@tceq.texas.gov.
Call us at 512-239-eDMR (3367).