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NetDMR: Submit Your Discharge Monitoring Reports Online

NetDMR is a web-based tool that allows you, as a Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permittee, to electronically sign and submit your water quality discharge-monitoring reports (DMRs) to TCEQ.

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How to Access and Use NetDMR

To begin using NetDMR, you need to create an account in EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX). Once you have created a CDX account, you need to request access to NetDMR, based on your business need (view, edit, or submit data). See How to Access or Create a NetDMR Account.

Yes. If you submit data to TCEQ on a DMR, you must do so electronically.

If you are unable to report electronically, you can submit a Request for Electronic Reporting Waiver (form TCEQ-20754).

Learn more about this requirement and who is eligible for a waiver on the NetDMR: Electronic Reporting Requirement webpage.

You can submit DMRs for individual and domestic wastewater discharge permits and some TPDES wastewater general permits. Learn more about the Reports You Can Submit in NetDMR.

NetDMR allows for flexibility in user type and the roles that each user is assigned. It allows you to assign roles to each user with varying levels of access. These include: permittee (signature), permittee (no signature), and data provider. Learn more about NetDMR User Types and Roles.

We have compiled a number of resources to help you learn How to Submit Data in NetDMR.

NetDMR improves and streamlines the process of reporting discharge monitoring report data. Learn more about the Benefits of Using NetDMR.

We have compiled a number of resources--including links to training videos—to help you create an account, enter DMR data, search for DMRs, and more. Visit the NetDMR Training and Resources webpage for a list of tools to help you get started.

How do I find NetDMR reported data from Texas Facilities?

Discharge Monitoring Reports are public information. If a facility is submitting DMR data to TCEQ, it can be found by searching EPA’s ECHO website .

Steps to pull a DMR report in ECHO:
  1. Click on the Data Services tab.
  2. Click on the Explore DMR data link.
  3. Click on the NPDES Monitoring Data Download link.
  4. Click on the dates directly below the Monitoring Period Date Range – a calendar should appear. Select the Monitoring Period Date Range for which you are interested.
  5. Enter the Facility Identification NPDES ID (EPA ID number is TX+7 digits)
  6. Click the submit button. The data will download into a Microsoft Excel file format.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

TCEQ and the EPA are working together to help you report in NetDMR. View the NetDMR: Contact Us webpage to find out who can best answer your questions.

Terms and Acronyms

For a glossary of additional terms, visit the EPA’s NetDMR Support Portal