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Reports You Can Submit in NetDMR

There are several reports you can currently submit using the NetDMR electronic reporting system and some that you cannot.

Reports you can submit through NetDMR

DMR data can be submitted electronically for the following TPDES permits:

  • Industrial wastewater discharge individual permits
  • Domestic wastewater discharge individual permits
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits - Phase I (TXS000000)
  • Authorizations under the TPDES wastewater general permits for discharges from:
    • Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) for industrial facilities (TXR050000)
    • concrete production facilities (TXG110000)
    • concentrated aquatic-animal production facilities and certain related activities (TXG130000)
    • discharges contaminated with petroleum fuel or petroleum substances (TXG830000)
    • petroleum bulk stations and terminals (TXG340000)
    • quarries in the John Graves Scenic Riverway (TXG500000)
    • hydrostatic test water (TXG670000)
    • conventional water treatment plant (TXG640000)

Reports you cannot submit through NetDMR

  • Monthly effluent reports. If you are required to submit MERs, you must continue submitting paper forms to TCEQ.
  • Annual reports required by authorizations under the TPDES CAFO general permit must continue to be submitted by paper.
  • Other required reports. Individual and general permits with reporting requirements that you must continue to submit in paper form by mail include:
    • Pretreatment semiannual and annual reports required in a permit or pretreatment program
    • Biomonitoring quarterly, semiannual, and annual reports required in a permit
    • Sludge beneficial-land-use quarterly and annual reports (domestic permits and sludge disposal)
    • Groundwater reports required in a permit
    • Other reports that relate to compliance activities specified in your permit (for example, a construction schedule)
    • Notices of noncompliance

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TCEQ and the EPA are working together to help you report in NetDMR. View the NetDMR: Contact Us webpage to find out who can best answer your questions.