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NetDMR User Types and Roles

There are several types of NetDMR users, and each user can be assigned one or more roles.

NetDMR Users

  • Permittee User: you work for an organization that is required to submit DMRs under a TPDES permit.
  • Data Provider (e.g., analytical laboratory, consultant): you support an organization that is required to submit DMRs as part of a TPDES permit.

NetDMR Roles

  • Permittee Read-only: able to view DMRs associated with the permit, but not allowed to update or modify DMR data.
  • Edit Access: able to view and modify DMRs.
  • Signatory: has authority to sign and submit DMRs on behalf of your organization.
    • Requesting signature authority in NetDMR - A request for the signatory role will require submission of a subscriber agreement. You must agree to its terms and conditions and then print, sign, and mail the form to the TCEQ before you can fully access the NetDMR application. You will not be able to use your Texas driver’s license number in place of the wet-ink signature on the subscriber agreement. For more information about signatories, see 30 TAC 305.44 Exit the TCEQ and 30 TAC 305.128 Exit the TCEQ

      Note: Until the first signatory role is approved for a permit, no other roles can be requested for the permit.
  • Permit Administrator: able to approve all DMR read-only and edit requests for a permit.

If you as a permittee choose, one person can fulfill all the necessary roles in NetDMR—meaning, one person can both enter the data and have signatory authority to submit the data. In that case, that person would need to have the signatory role.