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Entering Data into NetDMR

Several resources are available to help you submit data using NetDMR.

View Online NetDMR Demonstrations

The following resources were developed by EPA to help users manage access and enter or import DMR data into the federal version of NetDMR. Please note that, while the state and federal NetDMR systems are similar, there are slight differences between the two systems.

How to report self-reported data when NetDMR is down for maintenance

Occasionally, certain maintenance activities are necessary for upgrades and security. These activities often require temporarily bringing down a server or database that NetDMR utilizes. During these times, parts of or all of the NetDMR system will be unavailable for use. Most of these maintenance activities are scheduled, but unscheduled emergency maintenance may occur.

If you are unable to submit your data through the NetDMR system due to unavailability for extended periods of time, you can call 512-239-eDMR (3367) or send an e-mail to NetDMR@tceq.texas.gov to request a paper form and additional instructions for paper DMR submittal.

Note: This method of reporting on paper DMRs should only be used on a temporary, emergency basis.