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Enforcement Policies and Procedures

The Enforcement Division develops formal enforcement cases in accordance with state statutes and agency rules and consistent with the agency's philosophy that enforcement, when necessary, must be consistent, just, and timely.

The Enforcement Process: From Violations to Actions

Explains the various phases of action that can occur when environmental violations are found. Includes discussion of notices of violation, notices of enforcement, agreed orders.

Enforcement Initiation Criteria (EIC)

Criteria used by TCEQ inspectors for air, water, and waste violations.

Environmental Crime

TCEQ provides technical support and criminal investigative expertise in multi-agency investigations. We also serve as a resource for and provide training to local, state, and federal law enforcement officers on criminal environmental violations.

Field Citation Program

The field citation is intended to promote a quick resolution for any of the field citation-eligible violations documented during a TCEQ investigation, while offering a reduced penalty.

Gathering and Preserving Information and Evidence Showing a Violation

Information about most agency protocols, procedures, or guidelines to use when collecting and submitting information or evidence to TCEQ.

Revocation of PST Delivery Certificate in Case of Default

Explains the agency's policy of revoking a PST delivery certificate if a respondent defaults in a PST enforcement case.

View State, Federal and International Rules and Regulations

Links to rules adopted by other governmental bodies.