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Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)

SEPs are environmentally beneficial projects that a respondent agrees to undertake in settlement of an enforcement action. Dollars directed to TCEQ-approved environmental projects may be used to offset assessed penalties in enforcement actions.
A respondent in an enforcement action may negotiate an agreement to perform a SEP to offset a portion of the assessed administrative penalty. All proposed SEPs should have a direct and measurable environmental benefit.

The SEP program offers three types of SEPs:

  • Contribution SEP whereby the Respondent contributes to a pre-approved SEP performed by a Third-Party;
  • Custom SEP whereby the Respondent (non-profit or government) performs the project using their own resources;
  • Compliance SEP whereby an eligible Local Government may correct the violations alleged in the enforcement action or remediate environmental harm caused by the alleged violations.

See some application/pdfexamples of SEPs

Review the application/pdfSEP Statute 

Read our application/pdfSEP Guidance (publication GI-352)