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SEP Options for Respondents

A respondent is an organization under enforcement by the TCEQ and may perform a SEP to offset a portion of the assessed administrative penalty.

A non-profit organization or government may offset 100% of the penalty and a for-profit organization may offset 50% of the penalty.

Contribution SEP

The respondent contributes a specific portion of the penalty to a pre-approved SEP performed by a 3rd Party in their community rather than to the Texas General Revenue Fund.

Custom SEP

The respondent designs, proposes, and implements a project that has a significant, enduring, and quantifiable environmental benefit. A custom SEP cannot be used to address the respondent’s violations.

Compliance SEP

An eligible local government may correct the violations alleged in the enforcement action or remediate environmental harm caused by the alleged violations. For eligibility, see the SEP Statute 

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