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Emission Evaluation & Stack Testing for Air Quality

Directions for sampling notifications and reports, and links to technical guidance on stack testing of emissions. Resources include stack test methodology and requirements for compliance and performance tests. Find information on Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) and Predictive Emission Monitoring System (PEMS) certification, performance evaluation, Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATAs), and performance specifications.

If your facility requires initial or continuous demonstration of compliance for air emission standards, you may need to conduct stack testing (also referred to as source sampling, emission testing, or performance testing) on the timeline designated in your applicable state and/or federal rules.

Most facilities that conduct stack testing must meet reporting and notification requirements as established in their applicable permits and state and federal rules.

TCEQ can accept physical copies of stack test reports and test notifications. Send these to your regional office. Please see our Regional Directory for mailing addresses.

Currently, TCEQ can accept electronic copies of stack test notifications. Send these to the applicable Regional office at the following e-mail addresses:

Region Test Notification E-mail Box
Region 1, Amarillo
Region 2, Lubbock
Region 3, Abilene
Region 4, Dallas/Fort Worth
Region 5, Tyler
Region 6, El Paso
Region 7, Midland
Region 8, San Angelo
Region 9, Waco
Region 10, Beaumont
Region 11, Austin
Region 12, Houston
Region 13, San Antonio
Region 14, Corpus Christi
Region 15, Harlingen
Region 16, Laredo

The EPA provides other resources with the intent to improve consistency in the information required for test plans, normal load determination, significant figure use, and defining “startup.”