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Regulatory Guidance (RG)

Repository for Regulatory Guidance (RG).

RG-416: Appendix A

Equipment and Materials

RG-11: Rules Protecting the Edwards Aquifer Recharge, Contributing, and Transition Zones

Guidance on restrictions relating to construction on the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone in Williamson, Travis, Hays, Comal, Bexar, Medina, Uvalde, and Kinney counties.

rg-011.pdf — 111.7 KB

RG-80: Accounting Guidance

Overview of the administrative system

accounting.pdf — 248.9 KB

RG-80: Appendix A

Sample Capital Asset Classification

app-a.pdf — 115.7 KB

RG-80: Appendix B

Sample Chart of Accounts

app-b.pdf — 123.5 KB

RG-80: Appendix C

Examples of Common Accounting and Bookkeeping Procedures

app-c.pdf — 239.0 KB

RG-80: Appendix D

District Records

app-d.pdf — 150.1 KB

RG-80: Appendix E

District Reports

app-e.pdf — 154.3 KB

RG-80: Appendix F

Suggested Records Retention Schedule

app-f.pdf — 113.8 KB

RG-80: Appendix G

Sample Request for Audit Proposal (RFP)

app-g.pdf — 124.5 KB

RG-80: Appendix H

Special Journal—Current Investments

app-h.pdf — 107.1 KB

RG-80: Appendix I

Bookkeeper’s Audit Preparation Checklist

app-i.pdf — 121.7 KB

RG-80: Appendix J

Sample Code of Ethics and Policies for Travel Expenditures, Investments, Professional Services, and Fiscal Management

app-j.pdf — 165.4 KB

RG-80: Appendix K

Compliance Issues

app-k.pdf — 149.3 KB

RG-80: Appendix L

State Auditor’s Financial Reporting Guidelines for Industrial Development and Pollution Control Bonds

app-l.pdf — 99.8 KB

RG-80: Appendix M

Developer Reimbursement Audits

app-m.pdf — 152.6 KB

RG-80: Appendix N

Audit Report Format

app-n.pdf — 668.3 KB

RG-80: Appendix O

Helpful References

app-o.pdf — 276.9 KB

RG-80: Appendix P

Glossary—Acronyms and Definitions

app-p.pdf — 526.5 KB

RG-80: Auditing Guidance

Audit Report Requirements

auditing.pdf — 153.9 KB